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About K Beauty

Glowfull will answer all your K Beauty questions right here.

What is Glowfull all about?

We really love skincare, researching ingredients and products, testing new items and sharing our finds with our friends and, we thought we would invite everyone to join the K Beauty skincare revolution!! We source all of our genuine products directly from Seoul, South Korea. 

Why Korean Beauty though?

I wanted to craft a an effective, results driven skincare routine for myself to help with my (overshare alert -->) adult / hormonal acne, signs of ageing, keratosis pilaris (KP) and dehydrated, but troubled skin. I must admit I was taken by surprise by the change in my skin when I hit the Dirty Thirties. Long story short, I found, tested and researched K Beauty products and was amazed and impressed.

What is so special about K Beauty?

If you start paying attention to Korean beauty brands and products in the news, reviews or write-ups, you will notice that the majority of Korean cosmetic brands are:

  • Animal cruelty-free (by law since 2018) - all products developed and manufactured in South Korea are definitely Cruelty-Free (more on this later)
  • Minimal or free of nasty chemicals that are bad for you, your skin and your environment. 
  • Korean cosmetic products and ingredients are subject to certification by the MFDS, and are described as "functional" cosmetics,

"Functional cosmetics refer to products that aid in brightening skin, improving wrinkles in skin, tanning skin gently or protecting skin from sun’s ultraviolet radiation, are subject to more stringent evaluation than general cosmetics."

  • This means that any claims made by a product, like "brightening" or "anti-ageing" must be supported by the known effects of the ingredients in the product. Cool huh?
  • That is why all Korean adverts state stuff like "contains adenosine" or "lightening / brightening with niacinamide!" :)
  • The quality of the ingredients are high in comparison with the price of the products, which is very affordable. 
  • A variety of "natural", eco conscious, cruelty-free and vegan brands / products that are not based on the use of essential oils 
  • New formulations and technology that is effective, nice to use and awesome to take #selfies

That sounds great, but going back to cruelty-free?

I prefer to buy cruelty-free when and where I can. I wanted to offer that choice to you. There are limited cruelty-free options in South Africa, and it is always nice to know that I have more options. The choice to go cruelty-free is very individual, and there are many different ways to honour your personal choice. I believe in providing as much information as I can, from valid sources and allowing you to make your own choices. 

Technically, all brands / products developed and made in South Korea are at this time cruelty-free. However, some brands do sell in mainland China, whether online or in stores. Some people prefer not to support brands that sell in China, as this is seen as not truly cruelty-free. Others will support a cruelty-free brand that sells in China, as this is seen as encouraging the brand to stay cruelty-free.

I have noted on the product pages which brands are cruelty-free and these brands do not sell in China (list of these cruelty-free brands at the bottom of this page). All the brands available from Glowfull are made in Korea and not tested on animals. However, some brands may also be sold in mainland China in some form. I believe that supporting the Korean drive to go cruelty-free will encourage other brands/countries to join this movement.

This topic is very complex and I encourage all who are interested to follow the links below for more information. Please note that the status of brands can change, it is your responsibility to confirm any information that is offered on this page. Updates will be done regularly.

Brands that are cruelty-free and not sold in China

Aromatica (KARA) (Vegan)

Benton (PETA)

Beauty of Joseon 

Beyond  (KARA) 

Cosrx (Vegan certified factory) (Vegan options))


E Nature (Vegan) (except for Cica-herb multi balm)




iUnik (KARA) (Vegan options)

Isntree (KARA)

It's Skin


Klair's (KARA) (Vegan) (except Honey & Choco Soap bar, Midnight Blue Cream)

Make:prem (Vegan)

May Coop



Pyunkang yul (Vegan options)




Treeansea (KARA) (Vegan)



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